Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Just some fun pictures...

Hey All! This is Beth writing...I suppose now we are going to have to specify who is writing these posts! We just thought it would be good to post some photos for those "followers" who wanted to see our pretty faces! We will do our best to keep this as updated as possible!!

Lots of Love to All!


Last saturday, the boys at HDC gave the girls a "special night" that we got to dress up for...This is the 1st unofficial team photo!! Man, we looked so gorgeous all done up!!

Judit & Beth

Sarah smiling pretty while having fun watching HDC Flag Football at the park...

Melanie playing with "Gabe" (Gabriel Epp)...

Audrey smiling big with Lavonda and Margaret after the "Girls Night"

More to come!!! :-D

Monday, September 29, 2008

Training Week 3...A Post From All of Us

So, we started a blog...

None of us have ever really spent any time blogging, none have ever really created a blog site, and so this is the beginning of an educational journey into the world wide web.

We decided to start the blog during our training, as we are aware that it is difficult to disseminate the massive amount of information we want to tell everyone. This way, we can each take turns writing some of our thoughts, and you, our blog viewers can have a round-trip ticket into our lives as we know it! We will each write at different intervals, and we will have the opportunity to write our prayer requests and our praises, and our experiences with each person who reads this blog. Please feel free to share it with others, as we would love our lives and our experiences to be a testimony of God's love in us and through us to others.

As for right now, we are all concentrating on building up relationships with each other. We are realizing each day how much we have in common, and we are also forced to realize how many differences we have. This journey will be exciting for all of us.

For the mom's who will be reading this: we are all attempting to maintain our healthy sleeping habits, although it is difficult to adjust to the noise and the roommates. We are forced to keep our rooms as clean as possible, as we are getting room checks every week...and our diets consist of "fairly balanced meals." For the dad's who will be reading this: we don't ever leave the house except in large groups, and after 8 pm we never leave without a male present. Promise! :-D The guys are all gentlemen here...We have upped the ante a bit in what we expect for our future husbands!

We are being taught how to be given massive amounts of information and spend time processing with each other and alone. Our 1:1 time with God has been challenging and stretching but also exciting. He is showing Himself very evident in our lives and it is exciting! However, we all have felt that the one thing we have seen God in the most is the moments during worship. When corporately we are singing the same song, to the same God, but each expressing our love for Him in different ways. Worship is a place where connecting with God is not difficult!

We thank you all for your constant prayers and support. We as a team are excited for the future and for the ways that God will work through us to support those we live with currently, and those we come in contact with in the city of Harrisburg, and beyond! Please maintain us in your prayers, as we will you!

Blessings from us to all!

Beth, Audrey, Melanie & Sarah